Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lincoln, New Mexico

IMG_7312Yesterday we went sight-seeing and visited the historic town of Lincoln, NM, which today is a New Mexico State Monument. Population 54.

The following is from the Lincoln County Historical Society brochure:

“Lincolntown is famous for the exciting and lawless times of the Lincoln County War. The classic west is reflected in the stories of the Horrell Brothers, L.G. Murphy, Alexander McSeeney, bill the Kid and others, who in asserting with they considered theirs rights, rode roughshod over the many peaceful and hardworking people who had far more influence in the making of the West. For over a hundred years these good people worked and played here, married, had children, and built their homes.

Lincoln was originally known as La Placita. It was the largest ofIMG_6830 several tiny Hispanic villages situated in the heart of Mescalero Apache country. The presence of Fort Stanton, built nearby in 1855, was pivotal to the survival and economic well being of these placitas. Lincoln retained its Hispanic appearance and character until the 1880s, when, following the Lincoln County War, peace brought economic prosperity.”


IMG_7331    IMG_7318



We visited with a young lady who runs the gallery and coffee shop. She buys all her coffee beans from Sumner, WA (near our old home town, Seattle.)


In the early days of Indian attacks, this is how the townsfolk protected themselves.Look closely for the gun turrets in the walls.

IMG_6835          IMG_7338


The old church is still being used and the priest’s house is next door.






IMG_6798We stopped to tour the Dolan Home and stayed for lunch. Not only was the food great but so was the company. We dined at the same table with the present owners, Bill and Beverly Strauser, and were served by my now favorite waitress, Sage.IMG_6801





After a long, leisurely lunch we crossed the street to do more touring. But I will save the Tunstall Store for my next blog as well as some of the interesting story of the Lincoln County War.


So stay tuned……………………Just Us Kids, getting another history lesson.

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